Ten Stones

In a world of abundance, how do you find that "one thing" that drives you? What gives your life purpose? Where do you find your joy? If you have found the answer to that question, you are truly blessed. Congratulations on finding the meaning of your life! As for me, I'm still searching.

Today, I received a package from Turkey, with ten stones.  I found great joy in receiving these ten stones.  I waited for months and had almost forgotten I ordered them.  But here they were, ten stunningly beautiful, delicate little stones wrapped with the utmost care in two tiny packages of tissue paper, bubble wrap, and red twine.

Being so pleased with my stones, I ran to my computer to thank the purveyor of these smooth beauties.  Her Etsy profile read like a story.  It was obvious she took great pride in her work.  She has found her life's passion, walking the beaches, collecting stones.  She has indeed found her joy.  After reading her profile, I felt like I wanted to go to the Mediterranean and walk the beaches with her all day searching for stones.  What an amazing life.  I dropped her a little note thanking her for the blessing of her work and went on about my day, happily.  All this joy from ten little stones.

Yes, perhaps I've yet to find that "one thing" but I know with each day, and even in something as simple as these ten little stones, that it is but the littlest of things that bring joy.  Wishing you all the joy life can offer, today and every day.

~Lacy Gray

5 thoughts on “Ten Stones”

  1. I love this Miss Cindy, It truly hits home with everything we talked about tonight. It is the small things and the simplest things that can bring us joy! I know you are now on your way to finding your life’s purpose and I am honored to be on that new journey with you! May God always keep and bless you my friend.

  2. Unfortunately I have had to begin my search all over again. Maybe someday I will find my next purpose in life. Love and hugs!!

  3. Yes you are so right, it the smallest things that give us the most joy. Good read my friend.

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