"You-nique" Stories of Life

Our lives are made up of a million stories. Some stories are worth sharing; some not so much.

There are stories in life made up of magical moments that bring great joy, and there are stories of moments that bring you to your knees.  All your unique stories are pieces of you and make you who you are. Your "You-nique" self.

I, like you, have lived a life full of stories, some exhilaratingly joyful, and some excruciatingly painful.  I share stories of my life and lessons I have learned throughout my website.  Perhaps we have shared similar stories?  Many people do.  Perhaps there are lessons that you can learn from my stories?  I am honored if you do!  Or, perhaps you were a part of my story?  Hello old friend!

However you found yourself on my page, thank you for being here!  I hope you enjoy my stories, a smile, some laughs, or perhaps a few tears if that's where you are in your life.  Whatever you find here, I do hope you find reading my stories worth your time, and if so, I truly thank you!

~Lacy Gray