God Whispers and Angel Guides

An angel over a cloudy sky, revealing a rainbowFor weeks now, I've been feeling the end-of-winter blues. I know many of us here in the Ohio valley experience this. Week after week of continuous gray skies can cloud the mind with feelings of anxiety, frustration, and helplessness. We become consumed with intense anticipation of brilliant blue skies and all the glorious sights and sounds of spring.

To occupy my mind, each morning I receive daily prayers and devotionals via email. I look forward to reading each one. It has been so good for my soul, and at times, a lifesaver. These daily devotionals guide my Bible study and lead me where I am meant to follow.

For the last few weeks, be it something in my devotionals, a link, a quote, or simply an interaction on Twitter has led me to authors whose stories seem to match my own in some way. Encouraging, supportive, and informative, these women are happy to share their journeys. When I pray, he listens and whispers what I need to hear in my heart. Then, he sends angels to guide me along the path.

The devotional today began with his relentless pursuit of us. I am thankful that he pursues me and will follow him without fear on the path for which he leads. In Psalm 17:8 David prays, “Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” As a child of God, I will listen to his whispers, and know he will always protect my heart.

Today and every day, may we all find peace, joy, fulfillment, and sunshine in Southern Indiana. ~Lacy Gray

Below are links to some fabulous examples of Christ doing good work in the lives of women. Great reads!







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