“Drag”ging the Truth out of Kentucky Senate Bill 115

Some Like it Hot movie stillDespite being a self-proclaimed “anti” social media poster, I occasionally log on to the big blue face page and “like” things I find interesting. While logged in, I felt the usual obligation to like or comment on pictures or posts by people close to me. That's when I read a post that made my mind swirl. Now, don’t put words in my mouth, I did not say “skin crawl” or “blood boil”, I said “mind swirl.” Big difference. The post made me examine myself and my thoughts on the subject.

I didn’t comment on the post but read every comment. The subject: Kentucky’s Senate Bill 115 demonstrating their stance on drag shows, and an attempt at criminalizing public displays where children are present. As with any and all proposed statutes, bills, laws, etc., there’s always an underlying issue or driving force. We all know it’s not just about drag shows around children. It's about homosexuality, period.

Fitting that prior to reading this post, I had clicked "love" on a new profile picture of one of my gay family members. Now I was reading comments about how disgusting drag shows were, that homosexuality was being taught to children, and that some of these people do not watch television anymore because of it. If it took homosexuality to stop someone from watching television, they must not have been paying attention for the last 20+ years. Seriously. Sexuality became a part of the television landscape years ago. Sex sells, and money is king in today’s world. It’s a worldwide epidemic. It’s basically a “pick your poison, sin extravaganza” even on network television. I find it heartbreaking.

Children have been learning from television since its inception, so I’m all for bringing back wholesome, educational television for adults and children alike.

Just as I am now, it’s so easy for people to spout their opinions and point fingers. But how perfect are we that we can judge others? I’m certainly not. What I am, is a heterosexual woman who believes in a traditional union between a man and a woman. That said, I work in the area of medicine which has taught me that people are not always born just male or female. It is so much more than black or white, gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, etc.

The bottom line is Kentucky Senate Bill 115 concerning drag shows is not really the issue. The issue is homosexuality. Which like sexuality, should be a topic kept where it belongs, between consenting adults and not in the hands of lawmakers.

As far as my thoughts on drag shows, RuPaul's Drag Race is a guilty pleasure of mine. Is it family entertainment? Would I take a child to a strip joint? No, on both counts. Always be kind to a young impressionable mind.

Despite what anyone thinks, it’s not our place to judge. As a Christian, I believe at the end of our lives, we will be judged, and not by each other.


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