Finding God’s Plan for Your Life

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How often do you pray for direction? I pray constantly for the Lord to guide me on the path he has chosen for my life. Because in my life, I have been willful and hardheaded, and still am at times, my prayers are specifically for a "clear" path. As long as I have faith and trust in him, he provides.

This morning, as most mornings, I fire up my coffee pot and reach for the coffee tin, only to realize I am nearly out of coffee. Rather than write it down, I call out to Alexa to add coffee to my shopping list. I then thanked her and said good morning!" to which she replies "Good morning! Today is National Tell a Story Day. It is time for you to write your story." After hearing this I thought to myself "Did God tell Alexa to say that?" I mean, Alexa doesn't know I'm a writer. But God does and he is in control of everything.

I like to consider myself a writer. I have been published several times, three times in Chicken Soup for the Soul titles. But there are always naysayers and eye rollers, who seem to try to tear me down, even though I am an actual published author. In bible study, we learned in 6 Mark about Jesus' return to Nazareth, and how he was scoffed at for his preaching. Even by his family. Sometimes it is hard to get past critics. So, I pray for guidance daily.

Perhaps, just perhaps, this morning he had provided me with a little encouragement, via Alexa. Then I think to myself, if I open my daily prayer and it mentions anything about God providing a clear path for your life, or anything about writing, I will know Alexa's comment was no coincidence. Truly that is how God works.

Sure enough, the daily prayer, titled "A Prayer for Leaning into God’s Equipping, by Heidi Vegh" is about her desire to write for Him, and praying for guidance. I pray for God to give me clear direction, and he does. It is up to me to put in the work. To read my Bible, immerse myself deeply in the Word, develop my faith, continue attending church, and Bible study groups, learn, pray, and believe.

I often speak of "God whispers." Today, it was not just a whisper. He spoke to my ears, my eyes, and most definitely my heart. I must keep my eyes on him and “Walk by faith, not by sight.” - 2 Corinthians.

~Lacy Gray

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