Ready to go now?

New beginnings on your horizon? Most of us have moments where it feels like nothing we do makes a difference. Whether it’s at home, at work, or simply within a group of people, feeling like your efforts are in vain can deplete you.

It's discouraging to begin each day with the belief that what you're doing is worthwhile, only to realize that regardless of your efforts, no one really cares and progress is non-existent. Oh, you CAN do it. You can remain steadfast, diligent, and eternally optimistic....until you just can’t anymore. Such foolish optimism can eventually take a toll on your health, both physical and mental. At some point, you come to the conclusion that your efforts are a waste of time and energy, and benefitting no one. You lose momentum, become disconnected, uninterested, overwhelmed, saturated and exhausted.

So what's the answer? Perhaps if you can’t make a difference where you are, go where you can. Find a new way, take a chance, delve into a dream, a passion. What makes YOU happy? It could just be that the thing that makes you happy, when shared with others, will make them happy! What is life without happiness?

Is it your time? Are you willing to take a chance? Make a fresh start!

When my oldest son Dustin was little, we ran constantly. We were visiting friends and family on a daily basis, always on the go. I couldn't stand to sit still, nor could he. Within five minutes of arriving at anyone's house, he would come whisper in my ear "I'm ready to go now." It became an expected moment for the people we visited. They knew when he would edge over toward me with that look in his eye, exactly what he was going to say; "I'm ready to go now."

Today I ask myself: Am I ready to go now? I'm hearing a faint whisper in my ear and this time it's not Dustin.

3 thoughts on “Ready to go now?”

  1. There are those things that one must do for others, just because it is expected and necessary (someone has to). If one does not do those things, guilt comes in. Feelings of optimism in these instances are there sometimes, but most often, not. That is when I begin to feel myself becoming completely drained mentally. And mental exhaustion takes a toll on me more than physical exertion. One day at a time.

  2. To my dearest friend, I love reading your blogs, they truly hit close to home. Keep up the good work ❤

  3. I believe that one needs to find something that gives them a sense of purpose. It could be a hobby or a job. If you hear the whisper to go, then maybe that is just the thing that you need.

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