Nothing shocks me anymore.  Every day, whether it is scrolling through television stations, listening to the radio, surfing the internet, or even driving down the road, I feel numb.  Nothing.  All I can do is shake my head and wonder how bad it has to get before it gets better. When did bad become the new good?

I did not watch it, and didn't care to, but of course the clips are everywhere. The "it" I'm talking about is the interview with R. Kelly. The SNL spoof of it truly says everything. Yes, he has been getting away with being a pervert for how does that surprise anyone? And yes, he is still profiting and getting national attention from his bad behaviors. Again, no surprise. That, my friends, is apparently what is considered "newsworthy" today. The more disturbing, disruptive, indecent, indiscreet you are, the more attention you get, and the more MONEY you make. Yes, there appears to be value in being vile, venomous, and even violent. And when did having sex tapes become the pathway to fame and fortune?

What are we teaching our children? When did morals and honor become so shameful and elusive?

There are countless people in the spotlight, raking in tons of money by being completely inappropriate in so many ways. I see celebrities, artists, athletes, etc., that children and adults alike "idolize" and want to emulate, and I think to myself...there has to be something seriously wrong in our world. And to actually refer to some of these people as “royalty” is heartbreaking and repulsive. Now I’m not saying that these individuals are incapable of possessing some redeeming qualities, but you just don’t see those things often enough for it to become viral. No, “dirty laundry” is what’s bringing in the dough.

It just irks me to watch any of the world news reports, it's always some ridiculous celebrity antics, overpaid athletes behaving badly, flashing worldly goods that if cashed in could feed and house an entire city, sick-minded individuals going off and killing people with correspondents on location touting it as “the worst mass shooting in the U.S" (which is nothing but a dare for the next sicko to outdo the last), or corruption in the political arena. Sensationalism at it's worst....or is that at it's finest? Again, good or bad?  It's becoming blurry.

No, the news is nothing but doom, gloom and nightmarish stories, ending with one little tidbit of someone doing something kind, as if it will mask all the horrific images you just witnessed in your living room for the last fifty-nine minutes. Unlikely. 

It's time to shine the light on positivity and stop letting negativity engage us.  There is GOOD all around.  Spread the word!

~Lacy Gray


5 thoughts on “Is BAD the NEW GOOD?”

  1. Great article. I also believe there is good in the world it’s just not news worthy. One of my favorite quotes “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” By Anne Frank. She lived through bad but her writing was positive, so there can be good in bad, you just have to look for it.

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