The Good Life

What can we do to make life grand?
Gather together, hand in hand
Share our dreams and share our hopes
Be there for children, to show them the ropes

Be grateful and thankful for all that you know
Share knowledge with others wherever you go
Give love, accept love, be grateful for friends
Kid glove others’ heartbreak and pray that it mends

Be always sincere and speak with your soul
Forgive all shortcomings, as hate takes a toll
Be ever so gentle to all that you meet
And smile at a stranger you see on the street

Then, if you follow these guidelines as told
You’ll never be lonely and never grow old
Well, you might notice a wrinkle or two
But the youth in your heart will always shine thru

©Lacy Gray, Author
Published April 27, 1995
Jeffersonville Evening News, Jeffersonville, Indiana