This poem was written for the family of Shanda Renee Sharer. For more information on this poem, please refer to my Blog titled Empathy Emanates.

In God's Arms

Oh what a beauty; this innocent child
Quite apparent that through her, the angels had smiled
Though tragic she left us, now the pain too must go
In God's arms, he holds her, and that we do know

She'll know not of pain now, not sorrow nor fear
And through all your memories, she'll always be near
To brighten your day, to comfort your pain
To give you some sunshine, through even the rain

Our prayers are all with her, and our hearts here for you
And as much as you love her, the world will now too
Take solace in knowing the truth in this saying
That somewhere in heaven, with angels she's playing

©Lacy Gray, Author
(pen name established 2017)
Published February 8, 1993, May 11, 1995
Jeffersonville Evening News
Jeffersonville, Indiana